Use Of Banana Plant For Making Different Types Of Products

Many people mistake bananas as trees because of their tall nature. The banana plants have pseudostems that are formed from the leaf sheaths. You may have known bananas for their sweet fruits but they have other many different uses. What you should know is that all banana plant parts are very useful. There are very many varieties of bananas but whatever the variety; all banana plant types have some use.

  1. Sweet Bananas as food

The main and the common use of banana plants is that you can eat them as food. Banana fruits are very sweet and nutritious as well. You can consumer either ripe or unripe bananas. The ripe bananas are consumed like any other fruit while the unripe are cooked and eaten as a meal. Bananas can also be baked in cakes or desserts when used in baking they give the cakes a rich moist texture and natural sweetness that is healthier than the artificial sugar.

If you include bananas in your daily meal, they will naturally control your blood pressure because they are rich in potassium. Banana fruits can also be ground to produce flour that you can use to prepare your food or baby’s food. The flour is very rich in potassium and other vitamins and minerals that are very crucial in the body.

  1. Banana Fruit Peels for food

It may look awkward to you but get it right that the banana peels are edible. You may not like the idea of eating them but be assured that they are healthy and natural which cows love so much. The nutrients in the peel enrich the soil, making it more fertile and suitable for the growth of plants.

The peels are tasty and health and thus you can use them for cooking. You should only use the green peels of bananas that are about to ripe not the ripe bananas. You should stir fry them for few minutes and add salt and other favourite spices too.

  1. Banana Stem as food

The stem of the banana plant is edible and is very rich in fibres. You can make drinking juice using the stem of a banana plant; the juice is good in controlling blood sugar and thus good for people with diabetes. It is not necessary that you cut off your banana plant in order to get it; you can use the parts that fall because of wind or floods.

  1. Banana Stem as a craft material

You can use the fibres from the outer layer of banana stems as natural threads. You simply have to pinch the outer skin of stem and pull the skin around as a silky thread. You can use the thread-like skin in tying flower garlands in the case of flower vendors. You can also use the thread in designing for instance basket and mat making. You can also use the thread to make clothes by blending it with cotton.

  1. Natural leaf platters from banana leaves

It may appear new to you but the fact is that the leaves of banana plant serve as a full meal with many dishes. You can easily dispose of the leaves after lunch or dinner because they are ecofriendly.  You can serve the banana leaves meal alongside rice.


In conclusion, the banana plant has several uses other than the fruits. You just need to follow the above instructions and you will make other products you never imagined.

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