Kalpna Kumari Mithila Painting of Gajendra Moksha

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This beautiful painting is inspired by a painting of Al-Buraq exhibited at National Museum and from an episode of Vishnu Puran.

Al-Burāq (Arabicالبُراق‎ al-Burāq or /ælˈbɔːræk/ “lightning”) is a steed in Islamic mythology, a creature from the heavens that transported the prophets. Most notably Buraq carried the Islamic prophet Muhammad from Mecca to Jerusalem and back during the Isra and Mi’raj or “Night Journey”,[1] as recounted in hadith literature.

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Gajendra Moksha (Sanskritगजेन्द्रमोक्षः) or The Liberation of Gajendra is a Puranic legend from the 8th Skandha of the Bhāgavata Purāṇa, one of the most sacred books in Hinduism. It is one of the famous exploits of the god Vishnu. In this episode, Vishnu came down to earth to protect Gajendra, the elephant, from the clutches of Makara, the Crocodile, and with Vishnu’s help, Gajendra achieved moksha, or salvation. Gajendra then attained a form like that of the god (Sarupya Mukti) and went to Vaikuntha with Vishnu.

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