Kamini Kashyap Mithila Painting of Goddess Kali

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Goddess Kali is another form of Goddess Gauri, which she acquired for the killing of Demons. Kali is being worshipped largely in Northern part of India. This Painting of Kali is made in Mithila Art Style decorated with flowers as an offering to the Goddess.

Artist: Kamini Kashyap

Dimension: 22 inch x 15 inch

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Mithila Painting is an internationally recognized folk painting of Mithila. It is also known as Madhubani Painting as it originated from a place Madhubani in Bihar. Earlier it was being done on the mud walls of houses in villages by women only. Nowadays Men also make Mithila Painting. It started on paper after a flood in Madhubani in the 1980s.

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Base Material

Handmade Paper

Painting Color




Painting Dimension

22 inch x 15 inch


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