MithilanchalGroup Saurath Sabha Mithila Painting Mug

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You don’t need to be from Mithila to Buy this mug. This coffee mug is printed with Mithila painting of Saurath Sabha. Saurath Sabha is a place for congregation of bridegrooms from different parts of Mithila and abroad.


Sabha Gachhi is at Sourath village, six kilometers from Madhubani in North Bihar and Sabha is called Sourath Sabha. Saurath Sabha was the place where thousands of Maithil Brahmins converged annually during the month of Jyestha-Ashadh to arrange marriages. The Sabha, part of the over-500-year-old culture of Mithila, takes place at an area comprising 22 orchards constituting dozens of peepal, banyan and mango trees, a ramshackle shiva temple,, some large abandoned dharamshalas and two ponds; which was gifted by a king in the 15th century . Lakhs of Brahmins came to suarath sabha till the 1990s. When the number crossed 1.25 lakh, the leaves of the ancient peepal hung down; which signaled sabha’s success.
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